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AS SL AB  10mm x 40'' x 100m
Anti-Static Bubble Wrap for electronic devices. Antistatic Pink Bubble Wrap is made using a special plastic film which has antistatic properties, making it perfect for protecting electronic items or components which are sensitive to static electricity.    
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(24mm x 12Y@144Roll) RM144.00
DL AB 10mm x 20" x 100m
Black Film 500mm x 2.2Kg
Usually, a stretch film holds boxes and products together on a pallet for transportation.
 It is also used to hold other objects together and protect objects during transport and storage. 
Inflatable Bubble  30cm(H) x 300m
*Suitable for express
*solve your packaging problem
*solve your worries
Arylic Transparent Foam Tape 20mm x 30m
Acrylic foam tape 双面胶纸
*Acrylic Foam Tape is a double coated general purpose acrylic adhesive tape
*High recommended for wall,cabinets,doors,windows,glued and torn without leaving traces
Black & Yellow Floor Marking Tape 48mm x 30yards

Black & Yellow Floor Marking Tape

Marking & Caution

*Anti slip tapes are excellent for the prevention of slips or trips on stairs,ladders, play areas, boatdecks and excavation machinery

*Ideal for general purpose warning and marking such as hazard warning to increase danger

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